Take Leasing and order the furniture of your dreams!

  • Design innovative products for your beauty salon in 15 minutes without taking a break from work.
  • Order all the furniture and start providing top quality services.

Your benefits 💰

Saving money and time

  • Quick decision (up to 24h)
  • Lower taxes – deduct VAT and include installment in costs
  • Also for new companies (min 6 months)

Simple Leasing

  • Online application – without leaving your company
  • 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Simple and transparent procedures

Conditions 👍

  • Minimum order value 5000 PLN Net
  • Own contribution from 20% to 45%
  • Purchase on Firme

How do I get a lease from ING Lease?

1. select Products

Add the products to your cart and proceed to payment. Choose the payment method “Traditional Transfer”, enter “Leasing” in the comments and place the order.

2. await application

We will make a preliminary lease calculation for you shortly. You will then receive an email from ING LEASE with a link to the calculation.

3. adjust Lease Parameters

Choose the size of the down payment and the lease term.

4. submit an application

Fill in your information and send the application. You will receive a decision by email within 24 hours.

5. pay your own payment

Pay the calculated own deposit and enjoy Figuratti products.


Leasing at Figuratti is aimed at entrepreneurs, both sole proprietors and civil and commercial partnerships. The company, as a party to the lease agreement, is called the Lessee or Beneficiary.

Operating Lease – This is the most popular, most common type of lease. It is characterized by simplicity of accounting and tax benefits. The lessee makes an initial leasing payment then pays leasing installments (monthly or quarterly) for the selected period(from 24 to 60 months). At the end of the contract, the Beneficiary redeems the equipment for a predetermined amount.

We offer financing provided by ING Lease (Poland) Sp. z o.o. present on the market for almost 27 years, is one of the largest leasing institutions in Poland. ING Lease (Poland) is part of the ING Bank Śląski S.A. Capital Group.

  • Tax-deductible expenses – The lessee does not depreciate the asset subject to the contract and does not enter it as a one-time business expense.
    Deductible expenses for the Lessee are all fees incurred, i.e.:
  • Initial lease payment
  • Lease installments
  • Redemption amount (its amount depends on the type of equipment and the associated depreciation rate).
  • VAT – Leases are based on net amounts. An invoice with 23% VAT is issued for the fees and each lease installment. The beneficiary can deduct VAT under the general rules.
    If the beneficiary is not a VAT payer, the gross invoice value (including VAT) is tax deductible.

Yes, leased equipment must be insured. Insurance is standard, and its cost is included in the installment amount.

Redemption means the last part of the amount due to the financier and guarantees the transfer of ownership of the object to the Beneficiary. This fee is paid after repayment of lease installments and is mandatory.

The company’s data, representative’s data and basic financial information, provided in a formulaic statement, are sufficient for the application. The document you will need is an identity card.

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