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Figuratti is a Polish, rapidly growing brand of cosmetic furniture. We are known for our innovative and unconventional designs, so they are a willing choice among beauty salon owners who appreciate style and luxury. Quality is our best business card – we are trusted not only by Polish salons, but also by those from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, Germany, Belgium, France, the Netherlands, Denmark, England and many others from all over Europe.

We are unique in that we…

We are not afraid of challenges, so each of our products can be fully personalized. Why? We are committed to making your salon one of a kind. What makes us different? Unique design and the highest quality of products – we guarantee that no one will pass by your living room indifferently.

We are a believer in the “less is more” principle, and as a result, we focus only on cosmetic furniture. We have already completed more than 2,000 projects and are constantly fine-tuning every detail.

The production of our cosmetic furniture is handled by ourselves, i.e. the young and imaginative Figuratti team. We take your feedback to heart and constantly improve our production processes.

We will never leave you with a problem

Our cooperation does not end with the release of the product. We know that you work hard for your success, and it is a real honor for us to choose our cosmetic furniture.

As we produce our furniture ourselves, we take full responsibility for its quality. We will go through any problems together and solve them here and now – so you never have to wait.

Let us breathe style and comfort into your living room.

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