We have selected the highest quality materials for you, from which you can create countless combinations. Whatever you choose, we guarantee it will be the right choice. Designing a beauty salon is not an easy art. The Figuratti team will help you match furniture and create the perfect set of cosmetic furniture.


fabrics for personalizing furniture

Our range of fabrics offers countless possibilities to express your style. Choose eye-catching colors, high-quality fibers and a perfect match for unique pieces of furniture that reflect your identity. Choose from more than 300 exclusive, carefully selected fabrics from around the world.

Powder coating

lacquered metal

Figuratti chooses the most sophisticated finishes, from gold to black, steel to brass, with a glossy or matte finish. This makes Figuratti furniture even more captivating.

  • Beautiful and smooth end result
  • Durable finish resistant to mechanical damage
  • Safe for the environment

Buttons with Crystal

accessories crystals for cosmetic furniture

The button is made of glass with a diamond cut, set on a metal base with an eyelet. The buttons shimmer beautifully in both daylight and artificial light. The perfect finish for quilted furniture.

Decorative pins

decorative pins for cosmetic bed.

Metal details such as decorative pins give the furniture even more elegance. Depending on the color, they can strongly draw attention to themselves.