Cosmetic Chairs

A beauty salon is a place that requires specialized equipment. The nature of certain precision-demanding treatments does not allow for half-measures. By choosing professional equipment with a unique design, you make the perfect choice!

Cosmetic chairs from the Figuratti brand have been designed to meet the needs of even the most demanding clients. We believe that you deserve the best, so we combine the highest quality materials with a unique appearance. This ensures that your beauty salon is perceived as a stylish place, meticulously cared for in every detail.

Cosmetic Chairs for Beauty Salons

In your beauty salon, there is no room for mistakes, so the choice of equipment should be a carefully considered decision.

Opting for Figuratti cosmetic chairs means you are getting the highest quality at a favorable price.

A cosmetic chair for the salon should be solid, stable, and resistant to damage. Precision-demanding procedures such as makeup application, eyebrow styling, etc., must be performed on a reliable piece of furniture. The client’s comfortable position allows her to remain motionless during the procedure, enabling the stylist to work without any obstacles.

Additionally, our collection of cosmetic chairs is equipped with a special pneumatic actuator, allowing for smooth position changes without the use of force.

We care about ensuring the stylist’s work is as comfortable as possible. Therefore, our store offers models with a seat tilting function for an even better adjustment of the position during the treatment.

Personalization and Quality Guarantee

We are confident that the cosmetic furniture we produce is of the highest quality. Why? Because we manufacture them ourselves and personally oversee the entire production process. We choose the highest quality materials so that the cosmetic chairs from our collections will be with you for many years.

We value your influence on what is in your salon. That’s why we enable the customization of each piece of furniture. Choose the type of material, its color, and the color of the legs, and let the beauty of Figuratti cosmetic furniture dazzle you.