Reception desks

Cosmetic Reception Desks for Your Salon!

When a client enters your beauty studio, their first impression is often shaped by the cosmetic reception desk. It’s crucial to ensure that this piece of furniture serves as your unique business card. With our products, it’s possible!

Cosmetic Reception Crafted Just for You

We aim to deliver the highest quality products to every client because we understand the hard work put into achieving success. Constantly expanding our range allows us to meet the needs of every beauty salon owner who values unique design.

Our cosmetic reception desks are designed for salons that understand the importance of making a great first impression. We also recognize that everyone is different, so we offer customization for each cosmetic furniture piece in our collections, allowing you to admire your salon’s interior with delight.

In our store, you can find products that match any decor style. Choose from glamorous reception desk models, Chesterfield-style furniture, or versatile designs for those who appreciate simplicity.

Create a Set with Other Figuratti Cosmetic Furniture

We value your time, so we provide the opportunity to furnish your beauty salon in one place. Each of our cosmetic furniture pieces can be combined to create the perfect set. This ensures that your beauty studio feels cohesive and purposefully designed.

Pair our cosmetic reception desks with cosmetic chairs or complement the ensemble with a sofa, providing your clients with comfortable waiting spaces for their treatments.

Quality Assurance

We are confident that our cosmetic furniture is of the highest quality. Why? Because we produce them ourselves and personally oversee the entire production process. We choose top-quality materials to ensure that our cosmetic reception desks from our collections stay with you for many years.

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