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The time has come for beauty salons that have permanent makeup in their offerings. Figuratti has made sure that you, as a stylist, can offer the highest level of service. How do we help you with this? We have introduced the ELEVATE PMU permanent makeup bed to our portfolio – a permanent solution for lasting treatment results.

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What distinguishes the ELEVATE PMU cosmetic bed?

We believe that our customers deserve the best and we strive to introduce products that will meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers. ELEVATE PMU permanent makeup bed has been designed down to the smallest detail to impress not only with its beautiful design, but also with its functionality. What can you expect when you buy an ELEVATE PMU permanent makeup bed?

Perfectly contoured, beveled headrest

Permanent makeup requires great precision. Free access to the client’s face will provide you with a properly cut headrest that will not restrict your movements. What does this mean in practice? Perfect effect and your comfort.

Narrower mattress than standard models

You’re probably wondering why the Figuratti team created a cosmetic bed with a narrow mattress. It’s easy! This furniture is dedicated to a specific procedure, namely permanent makeup. As a stylist, you are well aware that only free unrestricted access to the client allows you to make precise movements. A mattress that is too wide could cause you to assume an uncomfortable, overly reclined position, and this could affect the quality of your work.

Product Features

  • Truncated, narrower headrest
  • Ergonomic shape of the bed to relieve pressure on the spine
  • Load capacity of the bed 150 kg
  • Height adjustment on a hydraulic cylinder
  • Swivel bed (360 degrees)

Rotation around its axis

ELEVATE PMU permanent makeup bed can be rotated around its axis, so the position of the furniture will always be comfortable for you. The changing light during the day and its too much or too little intensity can cause discomfort to the stylist and the client, as well as affect visibility during the procedure. With the ability to rotate the cosmetic bed around its axis, you will always find a comfortable layout.

Adjustable height

You can adjust the height of the ELEVATE PMU permanent makeup bed with a hydraulic lift. The easy-to-use mechanism allows you to change the height of the furniture practically without using force. ELEVATE PMU cosmetic furniture is dedicated to permanent makeup treatments, therefore it does not have a headrest adjustment. The specially contoured mattress ensures ergonomics, client comfort and body positioning that allows the stylist to perform the most precise movements.

Bed Dimensions

  • bed width – 70cm
  • bed length – 180 cm
  • min height. beds – 75 cm
  • height max. seats – 95 cm
  • Load capacity of the bed 150 kg

ELEVATE PMU – design for fans of elegant simplicity

We strive to meet the tastes of different customers and design cosmetic furniture in different styles, ELEVATE PMU was created with universal classics in mind. This way you can match it with any interior and it will always look phenomenal. A simple body with streamlined shapes and beautiful quilting make the ELEVATE PMU permanent makeup bed delightful with its unpretentious elegance. The frame in this model is made of extremely damage-resistant stainless steel and wood. The cosmetic bed is set on a thick leg that crosses perpendicularly at the base – this makes the ELEVATE PMU extremely stable.

Full personalization of the ELEVATE PMU cosmetic bed

Like any of the FIGURATTI products, the ELEVATE PMU permanent makeup bed can also be personalized to your needs. Opt for classic eco leather or go crazy with trendy velour, choose the color of the legs and you’re done! From now on, you can be sure that your salon has the highest quality cosmetic furniture.

Weight 60 kg
Dimensions 180 × 70 × 70 cm

By design

Fabric Number

By design

Material Color

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Leg Color

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Included Accessories

Head pillow, Pillow under the loin, Leg Pillow

Height Adjustment



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